Dino Knights

Series Duration: 52 x 11 min
Demographic 6-9
Genre: Comedy

Our story follows two main characters, Pretzel and Pickle.
Pretzel is a zesty young pageboy who lives in the kingdom of Brioche. Pretzel attends to Sir Sausage, the Commander of the Dino Knights, and cares for Sir Sausage’s fiery Brontosaurus, Brian. The Dino Knights protect the King and his realm from the curdling villains that scamper around trying to steal Brioche’s famous pastries.

All Pretzel wants to be is a Dino Knight and he relishes every second in their presence. He dreams about the day he will ride beside the other Dino Knights on a Tyrannosaurus, Triceratops, or maybe even a Dimetrodon!