Monster Teddies

Monster Teddies

Series Duration: 52 x 12 minutes
Audience: Kids: 6-9
Genre: Action / Comedy

Monster Teddies is a serialized 22-minute animated adventure comedy that follows twelve-year old Corinda Castillo as she discovers her destiny at the heart of a magical, multi- generational family legacy – not to mention finding the best friends a kid could ever hope for:
the Monster Teddies!

Everyone knows the classic teddy bear. Everyone also knows Frankenstein, Dracula, and the Mummy. What we do is take one part teddy, and one part monster, and combine them into something new – the Monster Teddies.

The secret behind every Monster Teddy is the gem that forms the very core of their being. A gem that contains their monster essence. While each Teddy has a unique heart, they all come from one place; Stone Mountain.

Stone Mountain is the most supernaturally-charged location on the planet. Sitting at a ley line nexus, this rocky peak is packed full of magic and mystery. Not only does the world need to be kept safe from the powers contained inside, but many of the powers need to be kept safe from the world!