Our Team

Cheeky Little’s award-winning team has worked with some of the biggest and best studios in the world.

We want to bring your vision to life and make magic on screen. We’re open to all formats, be it series, film, game, music video, short or commercial. 

Offering award-winning expertise in design, storyboarding, and 2D animation. Whether we’re leading your production or supporting you in a small way, we offer a boutique service where you’re not just a job on the list, you’re given a devoted, hand-selected team that’s right for your project, to ensure the highest quality results.

Some of our previous partners include:

Animation in Australia

In NSW, Australia, we now have up to 40% government PDV offset for any projects exceeding AUD $1 million.

Australia has a strong production industry with a wealth of talent. We’re very experienced with navigating this system to ensure our clients can benefit from these incentives.

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