Unreal Engine

Cheeky Little’s Sydney based UE team are using EPIC’s gaming technology in ground-breaking ways to produce visually stunning, award winning animation.

In recognition of this work Cheeky Little has received a Megagrant from Epic Games and Cheeky Little’s Unreal Technical Director, Liam O’Leary, has been invited to numerous industry events to speak on our Unreal Engine animation pipelines.

In 2022 Cheeky Little partnered with TAFE in Australia to offer a job readiness programme for recent grads wanting to move into UE. More recently, Cheeky Little has been awarded significant funding from Screen Australia to pilot a new training programme for UE practitioners moving into longform animation.

Cheeky Little is using UE as a tool for look dev on our newest CG offerings, as well as a production tool on the last three seasons of our hugely successful pre-school series, Vegesaurs.

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